Our history

Ye Olde Oak launched in the UK

It all started way back in 1949 when Rowland Smith & Son first started a canned meat company and launched Ye Olde Oak.

Ye Olde Oak is the first canned meat brand advertised on ‘colour TV’

A nation starved through rationing post war, Ye Olde Oak delivered  high quality products that the population could rely on and a reputation for the finest quality ham soon followed.

Ye Olde Oak pioneered celebrity chef endorsement

Ye Olde Oak was the first canned meat product to be advertised on TV, the first to advertise in Piccadilly Circus, London, and regularly promoted its finest ham in women’s magazines.  It was also the grocery brand endorsed by the first TV celebrity chef, Fanny and Johnnie Cradock.

Struik Foods Europe supplies frankfurters to sell under the Ye Olde Oak brand

Eating habits quickly evolved through the 60’s and 70’s, so the frankfurter was introduced to satisfy a more cosmopolitan taste.

Mr. Struik of Struik Foods Europe buys Ye Olde Oak

Struik Foods Europe, the supplier of frankfurters saw the potential in the UK market and bought Ye Olde Oak in 1984.

Since this acquisition, Ye Olde Oak has become the market leader in hot dogs and continues to be a favourite canned ham.

Read more about Struik Foods Europe here: www.struik.nl